Jailbreaking Your PlayStation 3: The Case For

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PlayStation 3 jailbreaks are quickly making their rounds around the internet. We've seen them use everything from $170 dongles to AVR boards to phones and calculators.

Jailbreaking is common in the iPhone community, but is becoming much more prevelant for PS3 owners thanks to the source code finding its way through the internet.

There may be a few good reasons to jailbreak a playStation 3, so perhaps we should look at why it may be actually be a good idea:

1) It lets you keep a backup copy of your games – Now, remember that pirated games and backups aren't always the same thing (though some may have some trouble making the distinction) but just in case something goes wrong with your game disc, it's nice to have something to fall back on.

2) Increase the longivity of your Blu-Ray laser – Blu-Ray lasers don't sound very reliable. We don't have any first-hand knowledge of that (and we are glad) but reading around the internet has shown us that it seems as if lasers are often the first part of the PlayStation 3 to go out. That's a bummer for a system that's supposed to be part of a generation with a 10-year lifespan. However, the less wear and tear your laser receives, the longer you can keep the thing going. We aren't opposed to keeping the system in top working order for a few more years if it's made possible.

3) Reduce Loading Times -  This one we can vouch for: some PlayStation 3 games have VERY long loading times. The console is reading data off the disk and probably committing it to memory in order to avoid short (but distracting) pauses mid-gameplay. Having the game data read directly off the hard disc makes for much faster loads. Many of these games have some hefty installs anyway, may as well just let us download the full game onto the console.

4) Open the console up to the homebrew community – This is one of the most awesome uses for jailbreaking a PlayStation 3 we can imagine. There are a lot of people out there with the talent, but not the resources for a full-scale release. Remember, some of the most amazing, and successful, iPhone games have been projects by lone programmers or a small handful of people that simply like designing fun games.

5) Take Games on the Road – Usually, you may take a handheld system with you for the road, but how about when you stay at a hotel or a vacation home? Wouldn't it be nice avoid having to carry a bunch of discs around? Of course Sony wouldn't see it that way, but having games saved directly to the HDD sounds like a great way to transport your collection around without having to carry the extra games.

In case you are interested in PlayStation 3 jailbreaks, you can take a look at some How Tos: PS3 Jailbreak with a TI-84+/SE and PS3 JB with Palm Pre.

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