Mini Review: Netflix

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Netflix has so redefined the way that film are distributed that it has diversified the film and television market, changing how independent film is produced and the very expectations people have from exhibition.  Netflix has helped to decimate video chains like Blockbuster, standardize movie watching via computers, and is reinvigorating some of the lesser publicized film genres and directors.  Yes, Netflix has seemed to have done it all, and now it goes one step further. 

The Netflix free iPhone app is everything you could ask for, and much more.  It did not seem possible for their to be an iPhone app that would allow you to watch movie strait on your iPhone through a streaming format, but Netflix has done it perfectly.  What the Netflix free iPhone app does is allow for your Instant Watch features to jump right to your iPhone.  This will include browsing through movies and voting on them, managing your Instant Watch queue, and essentially dealing with everything you can through their website. 

This also allows that you can use your Netflix Instant Watch with the iPhone's 3G network, which is remarkable each time it works.  The Netflix library is one of the most complete in the world and the fact that you have the ability to tap into it from your iPhone, as long as you have an account, is beyond remarkable.  With this Netflix marks a major step forward in what is possible for the iPhone and the type of media functions the iPhone will be known for.  If you have Netflix you must utilize this iPhone application, and if you do not yet then this is just going to stand as another reason to join the service.

This image described by Netflix Instant Watch, iphone netflix, netflix iphone app Netflix


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