Mio drops iPhone 4 GPS cradle

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Satnave company Mio has released its latest in-car GPS cradle, now designed to work with the iPhone 4.

Called the Mio GPS Car Kit, it features its own GPS receiver, cradle and Bluetooth for hands-free calling, playback of GPS instructions and music from the car stereo..

Standard stuff, but handy nonetheless, it will also work with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and second generation and up iPod Touch models.

Your iDevice will also charge when docked with the Mio.

So, why does the Mio GPS Car Kit have its own GPS receiver? Especially since many iDevices now come with built-in GPS. 

Mio says it means you don’t need to rely on the phone's GPS, and its receiver is more reliable and more powerful. Mio’s does not have satnav software, but will work with navigation software available for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

The Mio GPS Car Kit due out this month for £99.99, yes, if you are in the US, this means you are ordering internationally.


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