More Hints at a Built-in iPad Camera?

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We've been hearing plenty of rumors of iPads with built-in cameras, and it's only likely that something is on the way for the next upgrade to the iPad line.

The Pano App, lets users take panoramic photos from their iOS device. The latest update, which came  September 14, includes some fixes. This is well after the announcement of the 4th-gen iPod Touch.

Take it as you will, but it's interesting: 

Here is an update to Pano that we made for you. Pano now has beautiful retina graphics thanks to Eric. We've also optimized for any upcoming camera-bearing products (*wink*). Finally, we tracked down and fixed a bug that has been causing stability problems for some users.

It's the (*wink*) part that gets us wondering what they may mean. Of course they may not know much more than we do, but we can dream, can't we?

Special thanks to Yonas for the tip!

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