New iPod Component Stereo Dock from Yamaha

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The venerable Yamaha, you know, that musical instrument company that also builds motorcycles on the side? Well, they are dropping a component stereo with an iPod dock in early October. 

The component receiver accepts audio CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, as well as having an iPod dock with digital sound in.

It also comes with a USB port and analog AUX in jack for compatible sound sources. Yamaha’s Music Enhancer technology cleans up compression artifacts in iPod-source audio for a dynamic and deep sound. It also has an FM radio, always good in something billed as a receiver.

The unit measures 8.46√ó4.92√ó12.17 inches and weights a hefty 10.6 lbs. The speakers use 12 cm cone woofers and 3 cm soft dome tweeters.


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