Pinger Will Soon Allow You to Use Your iPod Touch as a Phone

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Pinger, makers of an App called Textfree, which many will know gives users free texting will soon be giving users the ability to make free calls. Currently, the App can give free texting to users by providing a phone number at no cost. The App is ad-supported, but that may not be a bad deal for users who would rather have free text messaging than pay a few hundred a year for unlimited texting with their phone's carrier.

With the voice service is the next step for the company, and their Product and Marketing Officer, Joe Sipher explains it as such via press release, "Free happened with email and IM, and Pinger will make it happen with texting and calling. The hart part was figuring out how to monetize the free services. We've done that with our unique advertising model."

We wonder how this will affect Apple Peel, though it's worth keeping in mind that the iPod Touch does not have a SIM card built in.

Check out the App Here.

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New Textfree with Voice Offers Unlimited, Ad-supported Texting and Calling, Saving iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Users Hundreds Per Year

Pinger Leads the Ad-supported Mobile Communications Industry, Offering Free Mainstream Communication Services via Smartphone Applications

SAN JOSE, CA ‚Äî June 03, 2010 ‚Äî Pinger, the popular developer of communications services for smartphone platforms, today announced Textfree with Voice, the first application-based communication suite for smartphones with free phone numbers for texting and calling functions. The current version of Textfree, version 3.4, is the leading texting app in the iTunes App Store. Textfree with Voice, available later this summer, includes free voice services over 3G and WiFi. The new service will drastically alter traditional fee structures for mobile phones by monetizing text and voice traffic with advertising.

“Smartphones are rapidly becoming the norm for mobile consumers, but they are tied to an antiquated billing framework,” said Greg Woock, Pinger CEO and co-founder. “Our ultimate goal is to offer free calling and texting to the four billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide.”

Traditional carriers charge mobile consumers hundreds of dollars per year for texting plans alone. Unlimited messaging plans for individuals can cost as much as $240 a year, while unlimited family messaging plans cost up to $360 per year. Textfree with Voice combines real phone numbers for messaging and calling via data channels, resulting in consumer savings of hundreds of dollars per year on texting and voice charges. Pinger plans to offer Textfree with Voice directly to its 20 million iPhone OS customers.

Pinger makes Textfree with Voice free to consumers by offsetting costs with mobile advertising. Already profitable, Pinger is in partnership with leading mobile advertising networks including Google, Admob, Quattro Wireless, and Millennial Media, and plans to fully support Apple’s recently announced iAd platform.

“Once communication services unshackle from their analog roots, they will be free,” said Joe Sipher, Pinger Chief Product and Marketing Officer. “Free happened with email and IM, and Pinger will make it happen with texting and calling. The hard part was figuring out how to monetize the free services. We’ve done that with our unique advertising model.”

Textfree with Voice will also revolutionize connected devices like iPod touch and iPad. These devices access the Internet through nearly ubiquitous WiFi connections and can route text and voice traffic directly to Pinger. This means consumers can have free, rich texting and voice services without a relationship or contract with traditional mobile carriers.

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