QuickPay announces credit card swiper for Android, BlackBerry & iOS

The future is here ready or not! Not only will you soon be able to pay using your own iDevice, but now you can also pay to someone's iPhone… as a card swiper.

ROAMpay from QuickPay Merchant Services has dropped their device non-specific card swiper for taking card payments. Apps are available for iOS, Android, and the BlackBerry. It's hardly the first iPhone-based credit card payment system we've seen, they seem to be continually popping up, and that in itself is something to note.

This concept isn't going away, and the iPhone is hardly the only handsets people are using to do business with. 

ROAMpay also works as a virtual cash register, letting you log cash transactions and generate receipts, as well as offering real-time authorization for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Of course a QuickPay account is required.


Need a Cash Register? There's An App For That…

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