Report: Scottish School Gets iPads, Leaves Behind Pends, Paper and Books


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According to UK publication the Register, am independent Christian school in Scotland has gone 100% digital with the iPad. Cedars School of Excellence in Greenock, Scotland will be issuing the device to all 105 students enrolled.

According to Fraser Speirs, an IT teacher at the school, they wanted "to give each of the pupils and opportunity to use the best equipment available."

Students at the school range in age from five to 15, and all will be able to do their homework on the device. All the devices will be hooked up to the school's wireless network.

We at iSmashPhone love the idea of using these sorts of devices for education, but even we feel some concern. We've talked about it before, and kids need more than an iPad to learn. They need involvement, it's very easy to wander around and play on a great device like the iPad. As long as the parents and teachers can be involved and make sure that they are doing their work, it can be a great educational tool. Otherwise, the kids may just treat it like another way to kill time.

[via The Register]

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