Rock Out with your iPhone Out

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Unless you want to get beaten up you may not want to be seen with this at your next gig* … but if you've been flummoxed with the heady task of trying to juggle using your magical iDevice whilst mastering your mighty axe, help is finally here.

It comes in the form of the Guitar Sidekick from Castiv. 

That's about it. Not much to it, pretty utilitarian, which we admire. It is a bracket. A bracket that attaches to the neck of a guitar, with an adjustable mechanism that will accommodate most smartphones or even your PSP!

We are COMPLETELY jonesing for the iPad version.

Get it now HERE for $30 and ROCK OUT with your iPhone attached.

If you can figure out a way to attach it to your Guitar Hero or Rock Band axe, you will attain maximum geekage. 

*totally joking, attaching your iPhone to your guitar is hell cool.

Charge all you iDevices with one Dock!

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