Rumor: Camera-equipped iPad In the Testing Phase

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It's been rumored for a while now that an iPad complete with built-in camera is in the works. This image may be a little more proof of that. If the picture above is real, it shows what is said to be an iPad running a video call debug.

It's difficult, it not impossible to know for sure at this point whether the photo in question is real. However, we often see these sorts of leaks before a new product or device is announced. If we pretend right now that the image is real, and that Apple is in fact field-testing an iPad with a built-in camera, that could make sense if a second-gen iPad were to be released sometime in early 2011.

Still, there is no reason to get overly excited about this image. It's all simply rumor. We know Apple's history with their products, and it should be no surprise for anyone if Apple updates their iPad line in 2011.

[Via Electronista]

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