Scosche unveils new foldIO, iPad case

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There are a lot of iPad cases out there for the millions of iPad the folks from Cupertino have sold. A lot of these cases are just shells, something to protect your iPad and maybe adda little color to it.

Only a relative few are able to prop your magical iDevice up. The ones that do are generally not that much competition for the original Apple iPad case. It is just a basic, simple, working model.

Scosche has unveiled a new case for the iPad, the foldIO, that doubles as a protective case and as an adjustable stand with 3 landscape viewing angles. This allows users to watch movies, and type in a much more comfortable and ergonomic  positions, without straining their necks. 

With a unique corner snap system, this case is extremely low-profile and easy to use. It boasts a lined interior of a soft suede like material that folds to protect the screen. The case itself is lightweight, form fitting and slips easily into a briefcase or bag without adding bulk. 

It also offers easy access to all ports and controls.

The foldIO is available in carbon fiber and leather textures. It can be purchased now at for $50 and will soon be available at

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