Sony’s SMP-N100, It’s like a Bigger Apple TV

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It's hard to truly see how big this is, but based on that USB port in front we can kind of guesstimate the size, and the Sony SMP-N100 is definitely bigger than Apple's set-top box.

It does the regular stuff, such as stream video content (Yup, that includes Netflix) and connect to the internet via wifi. You can also watch YouTube and video formats such as DivX and MKV. In addition, this does have a couple of cool sounding features that make it more interesting than some of the competing boxes. It connects to your iTunes library like Apple TV does, and it also has a feature called "Content Noise Reduction" we're not sure how well that will work, but it's claimed to improve the quality of streamed content. We'll have to see about that, at $130, it's not much more expensive than Apple TV, and has some of the necessary ports for those who have TVs without an HDMI in. The box should be launching in October. We will keep a lookout for a specified release date.

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