Survey: Over 40 million iOS Gamers in the US

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Newzoo has surveyed gamers in the US and found that iOS devices make up a major chunk of the handheld gaming market.

According to survey data, there are 77 million americans playing games on mobile phones and portable Apple devices. 40.1 million of those happen to be on an iOS device such as the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Which Newzoo says is comparable to the number of DS and DSi gamers aged 10 and up: 41 million.

The data shows that the PSP is played by 18 million Americans. They also note that two-thirds of PSP and iPad gamers play games on their device at least three days a week, while 50 percent of gamers play at leasts three times a week on their DS, DSi, iPhone and iPod Touch.

However, the share of paying players is much higher for Nintendo at 67 percent, and 66 percent for the PSP line. Meanwhile the iPod Touch and iPhone have a 45 percent share of paying players while the iPad has 32 percent.

Still, most gamers enjoy several platforms, and that holds true with handheld gaming as well. Of the 160 million Americans playing games, almsot 14 million of those who play on Nintendo's DS line (34 percent) also enjoy games on their iPod Touch. Not surprisingly, almost 90 percent of those who play games on the iPad has also gamed on the iPhone and the Touch.

The main thing to keep in mind is the last paragraph. Most gamers don't limit themselves to one system. Many will play on both a DS and an iPhone, or a DS and a PSP and an iPhone. However, Apple's plan to sneak into the gaming space may have worked so well for them because many of us already own iOS devices. Many of us enjoy having a music player and many of us need a phone. Given, we don't all need smartphones, but a competitively priced device like the 3GS is still enough for almost anybody to pick up with their two year contract. Because the iPhone is something most of us carry around anyway, gaming on it through most of the day is probably the most convenient solution.

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