Survey Shows That Android Users Are More Keen to Upgrade Than iOS Users

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Well, this may mean two things: iOS users aren't fond of iOS4 or Android users aren't fond of 2.1. Okay, so maybe that's oversimplifying the matter. Either way, the data from the chart above shows that iOS users seem more reluctant to upgrade their operating systems than Android users.

Some say that this may be because iPhones must be connected physically to a computer in order to install OS updates. Anyone who has updated their iOS knows that it takes a lifetime. Finding time to get everything going again is kind of a hassle. Realistically, an update takes about 30 minutes when all is said and done: You download the new firmware, your phone backs up, new firmware installs, phone restores personal data. It's not a fast process by any means. 

We have another theory that may be contributing to that as well: One of our writers has a mom who just had to own the super-hip iPhone. She has it, but she hasn't updated the OS on her phone. Why? She just doesn't care to. She says her phone works just fine the way it is: makes calls, plays music, lets her use Apps…you get the idea. However, we aren't sure how many "casual" Android users there are out there, but we are pretty sure that quite a few casual users got iPhones just because they are all over the news and TV. Heck, maybe some people just heard the horror stories about iOS4 on a 3G and 3GS and decided to hold off for a while.

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