The iPod Touch 4 Has Arrived: Features, Capabilities, and Pricing

The iPod Touch has finally gotten a little love from Apple, which is desperately needed after the iPhone got all the attention with version 4.  Now we can see that the new iOS 4.1 update is going to come standard with the new iPod Touch 4 and it is also going to be marked by Game Center and FaceTime.

Game Center has been one of the most anticipated items for Apple's iPhone and iPod line as it will be a mobile gaming dashboard, ushering in this type of gaming model into a position of standardization.  What this will allow is a social networking tool that will create a network between iPod Touch and iPhone users that will remain constant and over most games.  This way you can contact and invite players without them even being logged into a title, and this could actually shift the devices into a way where person to person gaming is just as standard as email alerts.  This is going to help transform the iPod Touch into a full service hand held gaming console that could compete with the likes of the PSP and Nintendo DS.  

The other anticipated feature that most people assumed would be announced for the new iPod Touch 4 is the inclusion of video capabilities and FaceTime.  In the new iPod Touch 4 you will get the dual cameras, in the front and back respectively, and will also carry the ability to utilize FaceTime in essentially the same way that you can on the iPhone.  The back iPod Touch camera will be equipped for full HD and can help transform the iPod Touch into a full service device.  After Steve Jobs mentioned that the iPod Touch was their most popular device he went on to state that it is really just an iPhone that is "contract free."  This is the general perception he would like to foster for the iPod Touch, and bringing in features like this in combination with iPod Touch apps like Skype could actually create this image.

The iPod Touch's video capabilities are also matched with a screen resolution that will impress.  The high profile Retina Display has been extended from the iPhone 4 to the new iPod Touch 4, as most people expected it to today. 

There are three essential prices for the iPod Touch 4, ranging from a base $229 for the 8 GB, a $299 for the 32 GB, and $300 for the 64 GB.  It is here that we see another step forward in the larger storage space for the iPod Touch 4, which was standard since this has been the pattern for the development of other iPod releases of the past.  It also shows that they are trying to phase out the 8 GB with the strange price differential between the 8 GB iPod Touch 4 and the 32 GB version.  This should also be compared with the 40 hours of battery life that you should be able to get with the iPod Touch 4 which is, though not as flashy as FaceTime, is a substantial step forward.

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