Tiny Toon: Cell Phone Plus Microscope Plus A Little (Literally!) Animation

It figures the studio that gave you Wallace and Gromit would come up with an animated video this quirky.

Ed Patterson and Will Studd of England's stop-motion Aardman Animations studio are the masterminds behind Dot, who stands a third of a inch tall, and whose adventures include riding a bumblebee and navigating an obstacle course made of English currency.  In fact, Dot is so tiny that the animators couldn't move her limbs in the traditional stop-motion way — they had to create 50 different versions of their heroine with a 3D printer.  The action took place under a 50x magnification microscope, and each frame was photographed by a Nokia N8 smart phone.  (Nokia actually commissioned the film, to show off the "Cellscope's" medical capabilities.)

[Via Popular Science]

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