Two Can Play At That Game. Amazon Now Offers 99-cent TV Show Rentals

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Apple aren't the only ones offering you 99-cent rentals of popular TV shows. Amazon is doing it too. As with Apple, major networks ABC and Fox are on board. BBC is also joining this one.

It's great to see TV shows being offered at more competitive pricing. Strangely, some have expressed a bit of anger, because they believe that they should be able to keep the shows for that price.

Now, most of us aren't rich by any means. We make enough to live comfortably, and that's good enough for us. Right now, 99 cents doesn't seem like  a bad deal. We rarely watch a show more than once. After that, it just feels like a waste of hard drive space.

Either way, it looks like 99 cents may be the new standard for the time being.

[Via Amazon]

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