Verizon iPhone May Be Further Than We’d Expected

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Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg spoke to investors at a Goldman Sachs conference Thursday and mentioned that he hopes that Apple will bring Verizon on as a carrier for their upcoming 4G network. However, it's reported that the network won't be near completion until 2012, when they have "near nationwide coverage." This may be a hint that it will take a lot longer than some hope to see a Verizon iPhone. 

Right now, AT&T is the only carrier that sells the popular handset.

"We don't feel like we have an iPhone deficit. We would love to carry it when we get there, but we have to earn it," he told investors.

Though he said that he believes "4G will accelerate the process, and any other decisions Apple makes would be fine with us," but he hopes that Apple will "at some point…get with the program."

As far as 4G goes, Verizon hopes to have it in 25 to 30 cities by the end of the year.

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