webOS 2.0 SDK Launches for Select Developers

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Palm today announced the beta release for their webOS 2.0 SDK. According to Engadget, it launches tomorrow and is only available to select developers.

2.0 sports quite a few new features that are definitely worth looking at. For instance, Stacks, which uses the cards from the first version of webOS but this time cards a stacked "when it makes sense," says Palm, and users "can also drag and drop cards to manage stacks."

Universal Search, reports Engadget, has been renamed Just Type.The API will be opened to developers. They also mention Quick Actions, which Palm says will allow for several actions through a single command, for example one can, "start an email, cteate a message, update your status, search your favorite website-all without having to launch an app." Though we still have to see how that will come together.

Also added is better HTML5 support, such as improved canvas support (such as gradient use), web storage and geolocation features as well as application caching. 

Javascript services will allow for developers to create webOS apps in JavaScript witht he Node.js runtime.

PDK plug-ins which palm says allows for developers to "Mix web technologies and C/C++ components in a single app," for "more power and easier ports."

Palm's OS is a long-time favorite for many of the staffers of iSmashPhone, so this definitely sounds exciting to us.

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