Why Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet Isn’t an iPad Killer

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Samsung is proudly showing off their Galaxy Tab. They are making it out to be the hip, new device that is the latest in tablet computers. Some may see it as the iPad killer, but it’s far from it.

We know what you’re thinking: Apple fanboy site is just trashing the other devices because they like Apple, but just hear us out. In fact, we will give Apple theirs where it’s due in the near future.

So lets take a look at why the GalaxyTab isn’t an iPad killer:

1) Too small for a tablet – Yeah. It doesn’t look small until you put it up next to an iPad. The Tab lies somewhere between the iPad and the iPhone in terms of size. Placed by an iPad, it’s roughly half the size. Check out the image below:

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The iPad, though a bit heavy for just one hand, feels as if it’s designed just small enough to rest on the average user’s lap. It’s just right for home use while kicking back on the couch with a hot cup of Earl Grey or chai. There are rumors of a smaller iPad, but those are just rumors. Even if it’s true, Apple devices tend to be very popular and it will probably sell (On a personal note, we wouldn’t see much use for that “in-between” device).

2) Too Big for your pocket – Compared to a phone or other portable media player, this is a big boy. Unless you wear big pants, this thing probably doesn’t fit in your pocket. Even if it does, it probably doesn’t fit comfortably, so the advantage of carrying it around like you would another portable media player is out of the question.

Oh, it does fit in a pocket (About :33 seconds in) – Reminds us of the graphic we did a while back: Imaginative Fashions For iPad: Wild and Unexpected


3) Another Carrier Subscription – Based on what’s been announced so far, we know that the device will launch this holiday season and be available on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but it is yet another device to put on your carrier bill‚Ķas if we need that.

Where the iPad sort of got it right (Yeah, that 2GB cap is pretty lame) by simply making it work as a pay-as-you-go service in which there is no subscription or obligation was nice. wanna pay 25 bucks this month? OK. None this month? That’s fine too. As long as I don’t have to deal directly with AT&T.

4) Android Isn’t yet optimized for tablets – We aren’t just pulling something out of our rear end here. Google clearly said this recently. This device runs on Froyo, and Hugo Barra, Director of products for mobile at Google has said, “Froyo is not optimized for use on tablets.”  Because of this, some have likened the GalaxyTab to a giant phone. Still, until things are optimized for tablet devices, it’s still not the most ideal OS.

5) It’s about the apps – Right now, we don’t know how the apps will scale to the new device. There is no SDK for devices with bigger screens as there is with the iPad. Given, the iPad’s upscaling looks like absolute crap, the SDK was still released to let developers properly develop universal iPad/iPhone software. Android itself is open source, so it’s easy for these companies to port it over. The SDK? it’s designed for smaller screens.

We won’t leave on a sour note. We will say the tablet looks pretty. There are some cool partnerships with media companies that we hope go over well. Finally, we really don’t want Apple to control the tablet market. That would just be lame. They need some competition to keep them on their toes and keep them caring about making their product the best that they can make. We can all agree on that, right?

Note: make sure to read comments, some readers bring up good points.

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