Zelfy Peel, It’s a Mystery, But We Have a Good Idea of What it May Be

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Tech blog Engadget has sumbled onto an interesting find. An FCC filing from a start-up company in California called Zelfy shows a device called the Peel Fruit.

The instructions in the filing say that a free App is downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Then a battery is installed in the "Peel Fruit" device.

From there, users plug the "Peel Cable" into a power source and their wireless router. Then they place the "'Peel Fruit' so that the arrow on the bottom points at the equipment you want to control."

It seems that the Peel Fruit is a small IR device that connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via wifi. From there, you can control TVs. According to Engadget, the product even has a tagline, "every remote and TV guide now on your iPhone."

Aside from that, Zelfy's official website shows the above image of a woman using her iPhone as a TV remote. 

Interesting, but it sounds like a lot of setup for a remote.

[Via Engadget]

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