10 Most Memorable Ways That iPads and iPhones Have Been Smashed

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Some people have fun destroying expensive electronic devices. Sometime’s it’s painful to watch, but you can’t take your eyes off it. For some reason, you have to sit and watch the destruction as it happens. Of course most of us wouldn’t do this sort of thing to our iPhone 4 or iPad, but that doesn’t mean someone out there won’t.

Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable ways we’ve seen iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches get smashed:



1) iPad vs. Shotgun


Shotguns can do quite a bit of damage. Especially when you put a $500 piece of consumer electronics at the other end of it. The slow-motion video lets you see the iPad’s destruction in detail, while the video in real-time basically looks like a big hole suddenly appearing on the device. The most interesting part is the smoke that emanates from the hole, accompanied by coughing sounds near the end. It’s some kind of promo video for some tax preparation service, but who cares. It’s fun to watch.


2) iPhone 4 in Microwave

We’ve looked at this one in the past, and it’s still one of our favorites. The creepy dude in the gas mask seems threatening, but we’re sure it’s meant to prevent him from breathing in any weird fumes that may come from the poor little iPhone 4 as it cooks. It’s a fiery end for this iPhone.


3) Shooting the iPhone 4

In this video Neo from the Matrix takes a sniper shot at an iPhone 4. The result is pretty awesome to see. A good chunk of the iPhone’s bottom half gets removed within a fraction of a second and the impact is so hard that it causes the clamp that’s holding the iPhone to fall. Guess that shatter resistant glass wasn’t strong enough to take a bullet.


4) Will it Blend?

Blendtec is the maker of several high-quality blenders. Tom, the dude from the video, has put together several of these in which he shows you how awesome his blenders are. He could probably turn diamonds into a milkshake if he wanted to with his blender, because the thing will chop up just about anything you throw at it. In this case it’s an iPhone 4 with the Total Blender. The video creates an amusing, yet familiar, backstory that makes fun of the iPhone found in a bar fiasco that we’ve all heard so much about in the past year. He even pokes fun at the “Don’t tase me,  bro!” video. The end result? Powdered iPhone 4 and some stuff you should never breathe in.


5) iPhone Golf

This one isn’t an iPhone 4, and it doesn’t involve guns or microwaves. Still, we had to include it because it stood out in a crowd of the many videos that feature putting a phone in a microwave or putting a bullet through it. It’s a dude on a taking a well-aimed swing at his phone with a golf club. The fact that it’s not an iPhone 4 makes it a little less painful to watch, but not by much.


6) iPhone Thrown Out of 14th Story Window Then Gets Run Over by a Car

Wow. This poor old iPhone got it bad. Not only does the person in the video throw it out of a 14th story window onto a hard street, he picks up what’s left of the crushed iPhone and runs over it with his car. Needless to say, the iPhone doesn’t make it through the video. At least not intact.


7) Will it Shred?

This video isn’t quite as destruction-focused as it is entertainment-focused. Two skater dudes bolt an iPad down to some wheels and take their new iPad skateboard for a ride. Most of the test runs end in a dude falling on his butt, and then it’s back to the drawing board. They make some adjustments, and eventually find out that it doesn’t make a great skateboard.

8) iPhone Steamrolled

Where did these guys find a steamroller? They look like a bunch of kids. Still, the video entertaining. They run over the iPhone several times, and make absolute sure that the thing is flattened out. That’s definitely not covered by Apple Care.

9) How to Melt an iPad

This is more of a slow destruction. It’s much slower than the other videos, but you get to see an iPad torched. If you can get past the annoying message from Project Green Apple, you too can enjoy the video, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

10) Blowing Up an iPhone

This one doesn’t look all that great until you see the little firecracker explode. It’s surprisingly big for being  a little firecracker you might buy for entertaining guests on the 4th of July. The best part is when you hear one of the kids say “It did nothing!” Only to see the other pick up the back half of a destroyed iPhone as they survey the damage. 

More destruction on the way?

For as long as people can buy new iPhones and new iPads, we will be seeing videos like these. The ones that stand out are the ones that try out new ways of destroying the devices. We can only enjoy so many videos where someone shoots, hammers or microwaves an iDevice. We can’t wait to see what new tricks other people come up with.

Actually, here’s an opportunity to share a little story about the name iSmashPhone and its meaning: The founder of the site actually had an idea in which he decided he would purchase his first iPhone and smash it on camera. It seemed like a fun project. It turns out that he didn’t end up doing it. Looking back, he said he’s glad he didn’t, but the name iSmashPhone stuck and was reborn as a blog dedicated to “Smashing” everything from iOS and other kinds mobile tech as well as just about any other software we can get our hands on.

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