Android and iOS Users Dancing Together via Tango, The FaceTime Alternative

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Around a week ago we learned about a new App called Tango. It’s an application that works much like Apple’s FaceTime, but can be seen as a more versatile alternative thanks to its ability to run on both Android and a iOS and work over 3G.

Tango’s Edge Over FaceTime

While it’s understandable that FaceTime is an Apple application, and therefore won’t be available for other platforms, the ability of third-party Apps to work over the 3G network makes us wonder why FaceTime couldn’t do the same. Add that to the fact that the application is free, and that makes it somewhat better than the iPhone’s stock video conferencing App. That, and it works on the 3GS, which is something FaceTime won’t do, either.

Tango’s Edge Over the Competition

Those are a few tricks Apple can learn from the developers of Tango. Of course, we know that such features may be added later, which may render some FaceTime alternatives useless. The thing that Tango truly has working for it is that it’s available for the competition as well. We are unlikely to ever see FaceTime running on Android, but some of these Apps give users reason to keep them thanks to their wider reach across users of different mobile devices.

It’s Doing Quite Well

The number of downloads around the world are a testament to how well the App works. It reached over 1 million downloads during it’s first ten days of availability. According to the developer, over 40 percent of the downloads come from US users, but it has been downloaded by users in 125 counties. People are using and enjoying it and it continues to be downloaded. 

Ease of Use

We were impressed with how well the application worked as well, it was much easier than many of the comparable Apps out there. Upon installing Tango, the software will actually look through your contacts and show you which of your friends have Tango on their phones. In our case, it was two friends. There is no hassle, and even the most casual smartphone user should have a fairly easy time getting it going.

Another App in this Category 

This post wouldn’t be complete without at least giving mention to Fring, which is a similar App that we have enjoyed in the past. Unfortunately for Fring, Tango is the new App to beat in this department, thanks to how much easier it is to use. Still, it’s another one worth keeping an eye on, because they may be forced to try something new to top Tango.

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