Apple AirPlay CD receiver drops in Japan

This image described by iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone 4, AirPlay, remote app, accessory, speaker, reveiver, windows media, denon, dock, vtuner, rcd-n7, Denon introduces Apple AirPlay CD receiver in Japan

Denon has for announced a new Compact CD player the RCD-N7, to be released in Japan with Apple AirPlay support.

It really is just your average Compact Hi-Fi with Radio and CD player BUT its comes with Wi-Fi, DLNA ver1.5, iPod & iPhone 4 Dock as well as the AirPlay support.

It also has comes with Windows Media Player 11 support as well as being capable to handle the various media types, including MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV (linear PCM), WMA Lossless and FLAC.

It is also compatible with the Denon iPod Touch and iPhone “Remote App” the RCD-N7 even features a “VTuner” for Internet Radio.

It is hardly going to be the only AirPlay device, but if Apple succeeds with the feature it will do so where others failed including Sony, Sharp, Kenwood, Pioneer and even Denon Compact Hi-Fi.


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