Imagine if Halo Were an iPhone Game

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Can you imagine an Apple-owned Halo? How about after you hear this story?

Yesterday we heard reports of an incident that happened about ten years ago in which Apple boss Steve Jobs was hoppin' angry when he heard the news that Microsoft had acquired Bungie, developer of the famous Halo series. Turns out, the anger was pretty well-justified.

At one time, Apple wanted to purchase Bungie. This is the story according to Tuncer Deniz, who was once a project lead at the studio, who said that the bosses had "asked Apple if they were interested in buying us."

Phil Schiller asked Jobs if he was interested in buying the company and he said, "No." After a week had passed, Jobs changed his mind, but Microsoft had already swooped in.

Apparently, Bungie was in some financial trouble. Ed Fries, former VP of game publishing at Microsoft, who happened to be a major part of the acquisition, said that Peter Tamte, co-founder of Bungie, asked him if he would like to purchase the company.

"He told me another company was interested," recalls Fries, "and asked if we might be intersted."

As fate would have it, Microsoft was in the process of trying to get the original Xbox off the ground. They needed some strong games.

Halo could have been an Apple-owned IP. Wow.

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