Apple Event Recap: iLife ’11

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Love it or hate it, iLife is a major part of Apple. That's why a good portion of their conference today (the majority of it, actually) was about the iLife.

Apple went over three of their most popular applications within the iLife suite as they announced iLife '11, which is available today: Here

Today, we saw iPhoto '11, iMovie '11 and the new Garage Band.

Here's a quick breakdown of what you may have missed.


iPhoto's key updates are:

– New Full Screen Modes

– Facebook enhancements 

– Emailing Photos

– New Slideshows

– Big Leap in Books

– Letterpress Cards

It was interesting to see that users could quickly load photos onto Facebook and see comments directly from iPhoto's sidebar. Direct Facebook integration.


iMovie's key updates are: 

– Improved New Audio Editing

– One Step effects

– People Finder (the application recognizes faces, and can differentiate between group shots, single shots, close-ups and wide shots)

– News and Sports themes

– Movie Trailers

The movie trailers looked like a particularly fun feature that may be used for nothing more than playing around with family video. It's lets users arrange footage into what looks like a theatrical movie trailer.




Key Garage Band Updates Include: 

– Flex Time

– Groove Matching

– More Guitar Amps and Effects

– New Piano & Guitar Lessons

– How Did I Play?

It's interesting that Apple is taking lessons to Garage Band. It seems like a good way to make people interested in making music. How Did I play? adds to that by tracking a user's progress as they learn their way through a song.

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