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The tech business is far from immune to lawsuits, especially those that deal with patent infringement. Usually, it's smaller lawsuits from no-name companies that are sitting on a patent as they wait for someone to infringe. Other times, these lawsuits happen between two tech giants. In this case, Apple and Motorola Mobility Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Motorola). 

A quick history: Recently, Motorola Mobility, Inc. launched three separate patent infringement lawsuits against the iPhone maker. This, after licensing negotiations between the parties failed. In addition, they launched an offensive Declaratory Judgement against Apple and NeXT that read:

"This is an action brought by Motorola Mobility to obtain declaratory judgement that Apple has no rights against Motorola Mobility regarding "the Apple patents" [listed in full below]. Additionally, Motorola Mobility brings this action to obtain declaratory judgement that neither NeXT nor Apple has rights against Motorola Mobility regarding U.S. Patent No. 5,481,721 ("the '721 patent'") (Collectively with the Apple patents "the patents-in-suit")."

Seems that Moto wanted to protect itself against Apple in the event of a lawsuit. However, this week filed suit against Motorola Mobility over the multi-touch technology. They claim that several Moto handsets infringe on Apple's devices. Motorola's handsets named in the lawsuit include: Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Cliq, Cliq XT, BackFlip, Devour A555, Devour i1 and the Charm 1.

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