Apple is Getting Some Sprint Love, Mum on iPhone

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Sprint has been giving Apple some love and showing off the iPad in some of its advertising for their Overdrive 3G/4G MiFi portable hotspot. This is because the device has been raising consumer interest in the personal hotspots.

However, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse seems to be interested in a little more than just Apple's tablet computer, he has been quoted as saying, "Smartphones [are] part of a bigger value proposition, because you need to have a network that can support that smartphone."

When asked, Mr. Hesse has declined to answer whether or not there will be a Sprint iPhone, only saying that he "doesn't comment on its relationship with vendors and the conversations it has with third parties."

Many are expecting to see a new iPhone model that's compatible across more networks sometime in the near future. But it's all rumor and speculation for now. Our take? Have a read here.

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