Beware, Language Police – Stephen Fry Is On To You!

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If your tastes in comedy — particularly comedy performed with a stiff upper lip — run towards the Monty Python/Blackadder end of the spectrum, Stephen Fry needs no introduction.  Actor, author, general-purpose bon vivant, and early adaptor of Apple hardware from the Macintosh onward, Fry is revered in his native England as much for his brain in general as his wit in particular.  Both of which, it should be noted, take great pleasure in twisting the Queen's English into verbal Gordian Knots.  (A prime example here, done in tandem with real-life BFF Hugh Laurie.)

So when Fry (aided by a nicely-animated transcription of his words) launches into a velvet-gloved — but no less rapier-sharp — attack on the Language Police of the world…well, dammit man, you should bloody well pay attention.