Care For A Green Snowcone? Sn0wbreeze Upgrade Uses Limera1n Exploit

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Limera1n author geohot may be persona non grata with the Dev Team, but he's got at least one other jailbreaker in his corner: ih8sn0w announced an upgrade to his Sn0wbreeze for Windows custom firmware tool that incorporates the same exploit as limera1n.  Firmware created by Sn0wbreeze lets you then use Ultrasn0w to unlock your phone and use it on the carrier of your choice.

ih8sn0w went so far as to proffer an olive branch in the "War of the Greens" — or merely shill his services — on Twitter: "Will be pushing out [Sn0wbreeze] a few days after PwnageTool is out. @MuscleNerd can we talk?"