CEO Summit: What Were Microsoft and Adobe Discussing?

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If the New York Times reports on a secret meeting between two tech-giant bigwigs, it's not much of a secret, is it?

According to anonymous sources who were directly or indirectly involved, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently showed up at Adobe headquarters, subordinates in tow, to have a powwow with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen.  Topics of discussion in the hour-plus meeting focused on how MS and Adobe could jointly combat both Apple's cellphone market dominance and "no Flash for you!" policy, with options including the House of Gates buying the House of Photoshop.

(This despite the fact that Ballmer's and Narayen's respective companies have butted heads in the past, notably over MS pushing their Silverlight plugin as a Flash alternative back in '07.)

Spokespeople for both companies admitted that the get-together had taken place, but otherwise issued a blanket "no comment" as to the details of the meeting.