Cross The Streams! Apple May Be Gearing Up For Music Subscription Service

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Waht is it about Apple and streaming music today? 

First we learned that the House of Jobs was actively campaigning against Swedish streaming-music site Spotify bringing their free service to the US.  Now, it turns out that Apple may be crossing the border into Rhapsody/Napster territory by offering their own subscription-music service via iTunes.

According to the New York Post — and yes, since it's the Post, we'll wait for you to take this with a football-sized grain of salt — Apple is actively negotiating with the same music-industry honchos it convinced to put the kibosh on Spotify's US debut, to hammer out the details for a US$10-15/month tiered service.  Details as to how much music would be available at each price point have not been determined.  Apple is clearly looking to overcome the current flat market growth for single-song downloads, even as album sales remain healthy.

The news dovetails with past rumors that Apple would launched a cloud-based music streaming service based around their purchase of Lala, which promised to allow anywhere access to both your personal music stash and any new tunes you buy or stream.  It's also causing folk to take a closer look at Apple's new US$1 beellion data center in North Carolina as a potential hub for any streaming media plans.