Cut the Rope: Over Two Million Downloads in Three Weeks

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Today Chillingo, who was recently purchased by game publishing giant, Electronic Arts, has announced a huge milestone for their hit game, Cut the Rope. It's sold over two million copies worldwide on the App Store in the three weeks since the game launched.

"Cut the Rope continues to break records with leading, international sales," said Chris Byatte, Co-General Manager of Chillingo in a Press Release, "Our new partnership with EA enables us to expand Om Nom's prospects, visibility and reach to make more of an impact than ever." (Editor's Note: Om Nom is the little monster character from Cut the Rope.)

The game is the fastest-selling on the App Store to date, it reached 10 million downloads within 10 days of its launch. The game is reasonably priced as well: 99 cents for the iPhone/iPod Touch and $1.99 for the iPad.

We've talked in the past about how many developers have found success on the App Store, but Android distribution is still at a stage of figuring out how to make this sort of revenue.


iPod Touch and iPhone – $.99 and Demo

iPad – $1.99 and Demo

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