FaceTime for Mac Beta Contains a Gaping Security Hole, Should You Worry?

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Apple launched the FaceTime for Mac beta yesterday, but with it came with another surprise. According to reports, there is a security hole that probably should have been obvious. This is likely the case of the application being in Beta and the fact that Apple rushed to get it launched right after the announcement was made.

The problem? Once a user has logged into FaceTime for Mac with their Apple ID, the account password can be changed from FaceTime without knowledge of the old password. This makes it possible for someone to change the password while using your computer.

For instance, if you change your Apple ID password in FaceTime, then try to login to the iTunes Store, you will get a prompt instructing you to reenter your password.

While someone acquiring your Apple ID may be an issue, we doubt this is very dangerous. How many non-friends do you allow come to your house to use your computer and have free reign over your applications? Yeah.

If that doesn't worry you, you can check out more info on the App here and we have a how-to to get you started.


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