Google TV Website Goes Live, Introduces Us to Features and Functionality

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Google TV is the search engine giant's entry into the world of set-top boxes. It's not available yet, but Google is definitely trying to build interest in their newest piece of hardware by launching a website that somewhat describes the experience.

The mention the search engine capabilities, web browsing (while making sure to say "Not just some of it. All of it.") and show us Apps on the television. Which is definitely something the folks at Apple should take into consideration (Pandora or Twitter on Apple TV? That would be pretty cool.). They website even describes turning your phone into a remote control, a feature we've seen before, and is similar to what Apple does with their Remote App, which we tested out and enjoyed.

Next to Boxee and Apple TV, Google TV definitely seems more fully-featured, but there may be a price barrier as nothing has been officially announced, but some are expecting $299.

Google TV Website

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