10 Great Music Videos Made By iPhone and iPad Musicians

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We've talked in the past about our favorite musical Apps for the iPhone and iPad. Now it's time to take a look at some of our favorite videos that have been recorded with iDevices as instruments.

There are plenty out there, so lets have a look at some of our picks:


Eye of the Tiger


Who originally did Eye of the Tiger? Who knows, we just call it music from Rocky.




This is Solace by iPad DJ Rana Sobhany. The video is a combination of it all: the song was composed on an iPad, the video features an iPad-faced male lead and it was filmed entirely on an iPhone 4. Wow. That's a lot of iOS.

Sweet Dream


This is the iPad orchestra. They are performing an original piece called Sweet Dream. It's kind of a relaxing bit.


iPhone Orchestra


This song actually features some vocals, and is a bit melancholy. Still, it's a great video and the way it's performed is kind of interesting. Have a look.


iPad Street Musician


This video shows a gal who built her own hands-free iPad case. The design allows her to play the instrument with both hands, which is often necessary in music. Watch the people as they walk by wondering what kind of instrument she is playing.







Stairway to Heaven



Stairway to Heaven is a notoriously overplayed song. It seems like almost everyone who learns to play an instrument has to learn how to play Led Zeppelin's classic. Still, we have to give credit to Led Zeppelin for coming up with a piece that is still admired to this day. In this case, being played on instruments that they never dreamed of when they were writing the original song.


 Punkish Industrial Music Guy with Misfits Hair Demos His New Invention


This guy actually has a pretty cool setup for his iPad. It allows the user to have quick access to all their devices, including the iPad, within one easy-to-carry guitar-looking thing. He shows it off and plays some music. He even sells his invention online.


iPad Band


This guy uses his iPad for a range of musical styles. He plays each individual instrument and layers the footage of the his playing to create more complete compositions. These are just little song previews, but it's a very neat video and works well to show the full range of the many things that can be accomplished with a few inexpensive Apps. 


iPad Electro Monster 


This dude is insane. He has five iPads and builds song loops on each one as he plays the sequences live between iPads. It's a lot to keep track of, but the result is pretty awesome.


Atomic Tom Improvises


Atomic Tom looks to be a band local to New York. They are signed to Universal Republic, and seem to be doing alright as a band, but the story here is that they had their instruments stolen. They had to improvise with iPhones and played a little show on the B train in their home state.



Banda De iPad – iPad Band


These guys put together a fun piece with a few iPads and a speaker system. You hear some synth pads, percussion and what sounds like a xylophone. Rockin' song from these two composers.

iDevice Musicians, There Will Be More

This isn't the end. The iPad isn't even a year into it's lifespan and we are already seeing is used widely by musicians. The iPhone was used too, to an extent. However, the larger size of the iPad allows it to be used in ways that the iPhone couldn't.

For now, we leave you with our top choice:




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