Guess What? Apps Will Install on Apple TV

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iPhone App Developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who seems to be having his name butchered by the blogosphere, has discovered that it's possible to install Apps on Apple TV.

It seems that it takes nothing more than adjusting the App device type. Of course there is currently no way to launch Apps through Lowtide (which is the UI and happens to be nothing more than a .app that launches on startup and seems to be the only application designed to run on Apple TV at this time).

Here is Mr Troughton-Smith's Tweet:

So, not only is the AppleTV set up for installing applications (of UIDeviceFamily 3), but the installation actually works

We can probably expect some kind of App launcher in a furture, even if through jailbreak. However, Apple would be wise to do something of the sort rather than let the hacking community do it for them. Even more interesting will be any future possibilities with Apps similar to remote or technologies like AirPlay

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