How to Make Your Blog Look Sweet on the iPad


Many of us do our browsing on an iPad. That's because the iPad is perfect for relaxing in bed with, reading while kicking back on the recliner with a Snuggie or reading over a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Most who own an iPad have found a comfortable way to browse the web in a way that they can't with a traditional laptop computer, and now there are millions of iPads out there, and that is good reason to cater to that market.

How about a service that turns your blog into an iPad web App? PadPressed is a WordPress plugin that makes your blog look like an App that runs natively on the iPad.

Blog owners using WordPress may want to take a look at the plugin, which works through the device's browser rather than having to go through the App Store.


Note: We are currently do not use WordPress 🙁

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