How To Use Make a FaceTime Call With a Windows User

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The answer? Yahoo! Messanger for iPhone. A few days ago, FaceTime was made available for desktop computers on OSX with FaceTime for Mac. This allowed users to call their iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G friends and initiate a FaceTime call.

Windows users are left out, however, there is an alternative, and it’s not a all that bad if it means having a video chat with your loved ones.

We hear that the quality isn’t as good as FaceTime, but for some this may be the only option available right now. Something is better than nothing.

The App is available here: Yahoo! Messanger

Windows users can download the chat client here: Yahoo! Messanger for Windows

Mac Users can use FaceTime for Mac: FaceTime for Mac

We also have a tutorial for using FaceTime for Mac: Here

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