I Hate The Sound Of Breaking Glass: The iPhone 4’s Next Huge Design Flaw

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With the dust finally settling somewhat from "AntennaGate," Apple should be breathing a sigh of relief and focussing on getting that CDMA iPhone 4 ready for Verizon.

No such luck.  Brace yourself for "GlassGate."

Now, we all know that the i4's Gorilla Glass front and back don't live up to the hype when it comes to scratch-resistance, much less shatter-resistance.  (No less than English movie star/geek icon Simon Pegg suffered a fractured iPhone back in July…)  But the latest wave of glass fails actually appear to be Apple's (un)doing.

Here's what's been happening: Post-AntennaGate, the House of Jobs has been on the warpath to get every i4 owner to obtain a case for their phone.  Interestingly, if you go into an Apple Store, the only cases you'll find are the so-called bumper cases.  That's because Apple gets a cut of the casemaker's profits in return for prominently featuring said cases in their retail outlets.

But there's another, more seditious reason non-bumper cases aren't "Apple approved."  It appears that certain third-party cases — specifically, those that slide on — can catch particulate matter that will scratch the glass case.  Said scratching can easily develop into full-blown cracking, or even a complete shattering of the back glass, through no fault of the user.

Apple engineers have reportedly locked themselves into a room to solve this latest problem.  The most logical solution, of course, would be to return to the metal cases of older iDevice models.

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