iHome first with AirPlay Ready Wireless Speaker

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The venerable iHome has just dropped the iHome AirPlay. A wireless speaker system with rechargeable battery to take advantage of the new feature from Apple.


There is only a single product shot available, but it looks good. It will certainly match your new Apple TV.


AirPlay is the new wireless streaming feature coming to the iOS 4.2 firmware release in November.  Steve Jobs demonstrated how users can stream audio, photos and video to an AirPlay ready device from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  


iHome is the first company to reveal an AirPlay product but it certainly won't be the last. Companies such as Denon, Marantz, JBL and B&W are slated to follow with their own AirPlay products.


There are no real details from iHome, nothing on how much the speaker system will run but it promises to be available by the holiday season. 




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