iPad and Android Make PCWorld’s Top 100 Gadgets of the Year

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Debate over the top gadget of 2010 is inevitable. PCWorld’s list shows the 100 top gadgets according to the editors of PC World.

Android showed some amazing growth this year and powers a lot of devices, but we are actually surprised that it came in just above the iPad. That said, we are kind of surprised that Apple TV made the list at all. It’s cool, but we didn’t know it was top gadget material.

The iPhone 4 placed in at number 13, despite the issues that came with the release. Also notable is Adobe’s grossly overpriced creative suite and Gmail.

One of our favorites? Evernote, which is at number 71 (you can download it here), but is one of the most awesome applications we have used in a long time.

Here’s a glimpse:

1. Google Android 2.2

2. Apple iPad

3. Amazon Kindle (third-generation)

4. Netflix

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab

The rest of the list is available here.

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