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Windowshop is like a total overhaul of the old iPad App (Which is actually still available at the time of this writing). Anyone who has used the original App on their iPad probably felt that is was added to the App Store an afterthought. With Windowshop, not so much. Amazon has rethought their iPad shopping App and developed it for…well for someone shopping on an iPad.

A Bit on the old App

With the original App we'd find often find ourselves happier with going to the website. It was missing something, that casual shopping experience. The older application had a boring, sluggish interface that just wasn't suited for the kind of shopping we often like to do on Amazon: looking around and finding interesting stuff until we run into something we really want. Let's face it, any time you KNOW what you want, a simple Google search will often send you to an Amazon page for something anyway. But there are those times when you just want to shop around, perhaps add an item to your wishlist or buy something you didn't mean to but couldn't resist.

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Selecting a movie will launch a trailer. We had no issues with the streams

That's Why We Enjoyed Windowshop

When talking about using the iPad, we often mention sitting on the recliner with your Snuggie covering you and casually poking around at a screen. It's a more casual way to browse. Everything is arranged into a grid, with each column representing a category such as Toys & Games, Movies & TV, Music, etc. Each of those is subcatagorized into genres. For instance, Movies & TV breaks down into Action & Adventure, African American Cinema, Animation, Anime & Manga…etc. Unless you're looking for anything specific, you will often find yourself poking around and adding items to your wishlist or sharing them via Facebook and Twitter in hopes that some of your friends will pick up on your hints. In fact, just by browsing around the App for review purposes, we've already added a game design book and the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray to our wishlist and are trying to resist the urge to buy.

You Don't Have to Window Shop

While window shopping is fun, it's not always what we want to do. Sometimes, you want to jump on Amazon and hit the search: Blade Runner Blu-Ray and give it about two seconds thought before clicking "Buy Now."  That is fine too, and entirely possible…in fact, we've just done that.

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Look for categories through the Browse option

We Will Take This App Christmas Shopping

If you celebrate the Christmas holidays, or any other time of gift-giving, this App seems like it will definitely come in handy (We will tell you next month). For one, it's much easier to shop online, which is how some of us do most of our holiday shopping anyway. Two, the iPad is a bit more private than a 20-inch screen sitting on top of a desk. Your family will never know what you got them!

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Read Product Descriptions Easily from within the App

The Good

The App is a vast improvement over the App, which we already mentioned seemed like an afterthought. As the name says, it's designed for a more casual shopping experience, one in which you aren't necessarily looking for anything in particular. You're just browsing. That said, the App still allows for a fast shopping experience if you already know what you want to buy. Simply hit the search and "Buy Now."

The Bad

As huge fans of Amazon shopping there isn't much bad we can say about this other than the viewing items in the Kindle Store just sends you the Amazon website (it runs within the application). We hope that gets tweaked. The App never crashed on us while we we using it, and the sharing features as well as everything else all seemed to work without a hitch.

The Verdict

Having been signed on with Amazon since the days that it used to be only books, it's still easy to forget that they have expanded beyond just reading material. We didn't find anything wrong with the App, but would love to see them tie in the Kindle Store a bit better.

4 out of 5 – We're taking this one Christmas shopping!

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Windowshop on App Store – Free

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