Let Your Fingers Do The Shopping: iPad App Brings Back Catalog Experience

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If you're of a certain age, you might recall the joy of holding a favorite store's printed catalog in your lap, leafing through it to find just the right item.  (For this writer, the Sears and Montgomery Ward Christmas catalogs were obvious favorites…)  In these digital days, with so much shopping and commerce moving onto the Web, the need for a physical catalog — not to mention concerns over paper usage and waste — have almost made those beasts a thing of the past.

Catalogs.com would like to change that.  A clearing house for both online and brick 'n' mortar stores like Spiegel and Home Depot, their new iPad app consolidates over 30 vendor's catalogs into one interface.  Users can flip through a page at a time, like a "real" catalog, but can also zoom in on a particular item, build cross-catalog wish lists, and of course buy the item directly online.  One-stop shopping, as it were…

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