Light Bright: How To Create 3D Text Holograms With An iPad

Dentsu London, a creative communications agency, and their crosstown design-consultancy partners BERG, are currently wowing tech geeks with an iPad app that’s equal parts technology, optical illusion, and flat-out magic.

Holo-Paint takes any word or phrase and turns it into a 2D or 3D hologram, albeit with the help of a film or digital SLR.  The app, which can be had for a mere dollar bill in iTunes, takes the inputted text and “slices” it, salami-style, into sequential cross-sections of each letter, then flashes each slice on the iPad (or iPhone) screen.  Here’s a screenshot of the iPad version, showing the control you have over the inputted text:

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So how do you get a hologram out of that?  Well, that’s where the SLR (and a tripod or mount to keep it still) comes it.  Set the camera for a long exposure (usually several seconds in a dark or dimly lit room), press the shutter button to begin the exposure, then move the iPad in a straight line in front of the lens.  With a little practice, this results in a picture of ghostly text floating in midair.

As seen in the video, Dentsu’s work with this kind of holo-trickery has expanded into images and shapes as well as text, and a future upgrade of Holo-Paint that supports same isn’t unrealistic.  As it stands now, the program can create a lot of visual shazam for not a lotta moolah.

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