Microsoft Wants to Kill Your Mobile Apps Remotely …With the Refund

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A recently published patent application reveals that Microsoft is exploring a method of remotely revoking apps from mobile devices.

Keep in mind that Google and Apple can already do the same thing. This typically happens when rogue applications make their way to phones and is usually the company's way of damage control. So it's all done with the best intentions. However, if you paid money for that App, too bad so sad. You paid for nothing.

That's where Microsoft may be putting an interesting spin on their method:

Embodiments related to the revocation of applications on mobile devices are disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method of revoking an application stored on a mobile device, wherein the method comprises receiving an application revocation request, the application revocation request comprising an instruction to revoke a selected application saved on one or more mobile devices, sending to a mobile device an application revocation instruction configured to revoke the selected application on the mobile device, and sending to another entity a request to roll back a previously-made transaction related to the selected application.

The last portion says "and sending to another entity a request to roll back a previously-made transation related to the application." To us, this sounds like a fancy, patent application-ish way of saying "refund."

That sounds like a good incentive for application developers to make legit apps.

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