Need Help With Angry Birds? Check Out This Video Walkthrough Compilation!

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Angry Birds is one of the most popular games on mobile devices right now. It's been around since December of 2009, but it's grown to become one of the most noteworthy titles in the App Store. It's an example of a well-made game with a great price point that makes it easy for a potential buyer to purchase and it offers a ton of value for what it is.

That said, the game can get very difficult in some areas. Luckily, there are three star walkthrough videos thanks to developer Rovio Mobile.

Since some of you may not want to know the solutions, we have placed the videos after the jump.


Theme 1, Levels 1-5



Theme 1, Levels 6-10



Theme 1, Levels 11-15



Theme 1, Levels 16-21



Theme 2, Levels 1-5



Theme 2, Levels 6-11



Theme 2, Levels 12-15



Theme 2, Levels 16-21



Theme 3, Levels 1-5



Theme 3, Levels 6-10



Theme 3, Levels 11-15



Theme 3, Levels 16-21



Theme 4, Levels 1-5



Theme 4, Levels 6-10




Theme 4, Levels 11-15



Theme 4, Levels 16-21



Theme 5, Levels 1-5



Theme 5, Levels 6-10



Theme 5, Levels 11-15



Theme 5, Levels 16-21



Theme 6, Levels 1-5



Theme 6, Levels 6-10




Theme 6, 11-15



Theme 7, 1-5



Theme 7, 6-10



Theme 7, 11-15




There you go…

 That will get you through a huge portion of the game. It may also help you get the hang of some of the game's physics. We recommend using these guide videos only when you are stuck on an area and out of ideas. It may help you get through the game, or at least get through a level that is being a pain.  When done, try getting three stars for every level.

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