10 of Our Favorite Gadget and Tech Commercials

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Technology seems to run our lives. Whether it’s Google, Apple or Microsoft, there are at least a handful of pieces of technology that we use everyday.

How do does Amazon get us to buy their Kindle reader? How does Apple make some of us buy a new iPhone every year, even when we don’t want it? Well, a good part of that is strong marketing and advertising. We have all seen that commercial that makes us say, “I want that; I totally want that right now.”

Some tech companies are just really good at it, and show us commercials that make us have to have that hot new item. Take a look at ten of our favorite below: 


1) Apple Commercial – Hal 2000


Okay, this commercial was just creepy. It showed a computer that looked a lot like HAL 9000 of 2001: A Space Odyssey. He talks about the Y2K bug, which despite being huge, frightening news at the time, never happened. For those who don’t remember Y2K, the basic idea was this: Computers had internal clocks that represented years in two digits. 99 came around, and people later realized that when 2000 was here, computers would incorrectly read it as 00. Apparently, this caused problems for the computers, and it made people uneasy.


2) iMac – Colors


Remember when the iMac used to look like this? Some of you may not have been around, but this commercial was probably one of the first ones we saw when Apple started to turn itself around. You can see that it was the beginning of the company pushing that “simple” design philosophy that has stuck around to this day. This was marketed as a friendly everybody computer. The little (at the time) iMacs dancing around were a joy to watch.



3) Parisian Love – Google’s Superbowl Ad


This was one of the most heart-warming ads we’ve ever seen in the tech industry. It says so much, without showing a single actor or having a single spoken word aside from the ambient background noise. It’s amazing because it’s a commercial we’ve all been able to relate to at one time or another. Perhaps not to the extent of finding a girl in Paris and getting married, but helps drive the point that we use Google for everything. Heck, when the bathroom sink was broken, the first thing we did was Google “How to Fix a Bathroom Sink.” That’s a true story, and it had its own happy ending. 


4) Wii Would Like to Play


This ad campaign was one of the most interesting we had ever seen for a gaming system. Past gaming TV spots focused on being loud and screaming about how hardcore and awesome their game was. Even Microsoft and Sony had some ad campaigns going on, but they all seemed to be geared towards that hardcore gaming crowd. Nintendo, on the other hand, pulled a major 180 and had two friendly looking asian men in a smart car going to people’s houses and playing Wii. The ads showed families playing games together. Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa were in on the fun as well. It helped the Wii become the most popular console this generation. 


5) iPhone “Calamari” Ad


This may not have been the first time we saw the iPhone on TV (The Oscars ad was first), but it was the first iPhone ad that truly showed us how the device works. It begins with someone watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and getting a craving for squid. The user then exits the movie, searches their Map App for seafood, finds the closest place and calls. It showed us how we may be using the iPhone on a day-to-day basis.


6) Amazon Kindle Ad


This commercial had a nice little style to it that we all enjoyed. The song was catchy, and it used an interesting “stop-motion” type of effect and scenery that captured the feel of reading a book. It also somewhat reminds of of the Smashing Pumpkins video for Tonight, Tonight.


7) AT&T Voice Technology Commercial


Whatever you may think of AT&T we have to say that this commercial is very cool. We like robots, especially talking robots. It also shows how far we’ve gone in voice technology. The first machines were very hard to understand. Still, we do kind of like the “stiff” robotic sound of the older technology. Maybe that’s just us.


8) Gears of War – Mad World


This was one of the first TV Spots we saw for Gears of War, the game that would later become a top-selling Xbox 360 game. We tip our hat to the director of this commercial. The Gary Jules version of Mad World was made somewhat popular by Donnie Darko, but this trailer took it over the top. The feeling you get from the commercial is over the top. 


 9) Mac vs. PC


These were very popular for about a two years. Whether or not you agree with what the commercials had to say, or if you think they are a total load of poop. These commercials had a style that was actually enjoyable to watch. THey also set off a ton of parodies.


10) The Roomba – The Vacuum That Does THe Work For You


We remember seeing this commercial and thinking, “Wow, the future is here!” Well, the future wasn’t quite here, but the vacuum turned out to be very cool anyway. Still, it was awesome to see this vacuum cleaner that rolled around the floor cleaning up after us. It all seemed to high-tech at the time, and dreams of Jetsons-like homes seemed almost obtainable.

The Future Came and Went

It’s strange to think that just a few decades ago, we imagined flying cars and robots running our homes for the new millennium. It didn’t happen. We are living in an increasingly connected world with smartphones, email and new kinds of machines such as the iPad and soon HP tablet computers. That’s close, but we still want to live like the Jetsons.

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