Report: Apple Kills White iPhone 4

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This is going to be a bit of a letdown for some, but Apple may have actually cancelled the white iPhone 4. Yesterday, we heard that the device had been pushed back for a spring 2011 release. There is a bit of good news, you know, that bit of silver lining to that dark cloud that looms overhead right now.

At least those who were waiting for that particular model have an excuse to wait for the next iteration of the popular smartphone. If Apple were to start manufacturing the handset for a March/April release, it would be just three or four months before they announce and release the new product line. And we all know that it's never fun to buy a device and have the brand-spankin' new one launch a month or two later.

Of course that works on the manufacturing side as well, only because if Apple plans to launch the next line of iPhones, they will be hard at work manufacturing the new device in order to roll it out in time for launch just as the white iPhone is being shipped.

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