RoboBux: Android Market Will Soon Accept PayPal

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Ever wish you could use that eBay auction money in your PayPal account to buy Android apps?  Up to now, you couldn't — at least not without transferring it to your bank account and using your debit card.

All that may be a thing of the past by month's end — October 26, to be precise.  According to The Street, PayPal's upcoming developer's conference in San Francisco will announce a PayPal/Android Market merger.  This could also mark the opening salvo in Google's launching of its own streaming-music and online storage businesses, which have been awaiting a seamless checkout system.

For those who squirm at the notion of their credit card info sitting around in Google Checkout, this is huge news.  (For PayPal afficianados in general, as well…)

[Via Android Central]